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About Us

Courage to Care

My Hometown Ogden is a cooperative effort between Ogden City, interdenominational organizations, local businesses, and community partners. Its central purpose is to encourage all residents to have the Courage to Care for one another by providing platforms in the community that will elevate education, improve property conditions and promote resources for better job opportunities.

Our Story

Between April and October of 2022, My Hometown Ogden began with five days of service. The all-volunteer staff asked Ogden City homeowners and renters if they needed help with any home or yard care projects. The responses ranged from something as simple as mowing an overgrown lawn and picking up fallen tree branches, to painting a home and rebuilding a porch.

The message is clear: Ogden City residents have the Courage to Care about their homes, their city and one another!

From this beginning the level of citizen engagement expanded. Those who were helped became the helpers by becoming block captains who worked with their neighbors to identify other projects and what resources were needed to address them. Ogden City as well as local businesses and business leaders also chipped in to minimize or completely eliminate the financial burden for homeowners and renters alike. This is uniting neighborhoods and creating caring and lasting friendships through Neighborhood Services.

The My Hometown Ogden story now includes a Community Resource Center where residents can go to find no-cost resources and classes for adults, youth and children. These range from practical skills such as sewing and computer basics to hobbies and interests such as piano and guitar lessons as well as art & crafts. The list of available classes is always expanding, and all are welcome to sign up or suggest what additional classes would be of value to the Ogden community.

Our 2023 Annual Report

Our Partners

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